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Advice Needed on SMS Servers

Andrew Pasetti (
Wed, 27 Oct 2004 09:50:17 -0400

Hi Patrick -

Perhaps you can offer me some advice on a telecom issue. We're about
to roll out the latest version of Easy411, which includes call
completion and sms messaging of the listing information. We don't have
the resources to purchase an sms server of our own, so for the time
being we were simply going to email the listing information to users
who choose to enable this option.

Rather than have the user select their carrier when enabling sms
messaging, we were hoping to find a web site or web service that will
list a user's carrier given their cell phone number. Do you know if
such a site exists? Or perhaps there's a better method of handling
this that you can suggest.

Your advice will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Andrew Pasetti

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Off hand, my mind draws a blank on this
but perhaps other readers will have suggestions for you. In the
meantime this reminds me I have not mentioned Easy411 recently. East411
is the directory assistance resource I recommend for readers of the
Digest. It only costs 65 cents for one or two inquiries from a real
time live operator directory assistance bureau, or about half of what
your telco charges you. The best deal other than Easy411 that I know
of is Vonage, which gets 99 cents per call to the bureau they use, but
Easy411 does not require any special equipment and can even be used
with Vonage as desired. You just dial an 800 number where you enroll
your phone number (up to five phone numbers you may use) and you get
billed the 65 cents on your credit card at intervals. You can even set
it up as a speed dial if you wish. Remember, this is *real time* DA,
records updated daily, not just a web site thing like
where records are updated whenever. Best of all, from my perspective,
Easy411 pays *me* a few cents for each call you make to their bureau
on my referrals, so I am proud to be their paid spokesperson. Check it
out at . Thanks, and if you have any
ideas on SMS servers, let them know also. PAT]

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