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Mark Roberts (
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> (Mark Roberts) writes:

>> It's not unique. KOMU-TV was and is still owned by the University of
>> Missouri, and is the NBC affiliate for Columbia and Jefferson City.
>> From 1953 until 1956, it was the only station in the area and carried
>> all three networks. From 1956 until 1971, it was also the secondary
>> ABC affiliate for the market.

>> Its newsroom is staffed by School of Journalism instructors and
>> students, who report and produce the station's newscasts.

> The University of Missouri also publishes a commercial daily newspaper
> in competition with a locally-owned one, with not only its newsroom
> but its advertising department staffed by School of Journalism
> instructors and students.

> Certainly real world training for both news editors and reporters and
> also advertising salesmen and saleswomen.

> The privately-owned newspaper feels strongly it is unfair competition.

As last I recall, the Missourian's (J-school) circulation was about
25% of the privately-owned Tribune's, even though the Missourian is
the morning paper and the Tribune the afternoon paper (plus Saturday
and Sunday mornings). The family that owns the Tribune has quietly
complained about the situation but does not seem to have suffered
terribly. In fact, it benefits from being able to hire recent grads at
newbie wage rates.

All the sales staff for KOMU-TV are full-time employees of the

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