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Re: Verizon Taking Lessons From Hooterville Telephone Company

Gary Novosielski (
Sun, 24 Oct 2004 15:38:17 GMT

AES/newspost wrote:

> Why not have instead a Honda lawnmover designed so a small auxiliary
> Honda-supplied generator can be bolted on top (or on the bottom) of it?

Well, the idea isn't brand new, but that shouldn't be surprising.

Back in the seventies, or maybe even sixties, the Toro company came
out with a line of yard equipment centered around a one-cylinder
four-cycle gasoline engine attached to a handle, with a v-belt pulley
on the side, and a mounting plate on the bottom that could be clamped
into any of several different bases. The handle had controls for the
throttle and a "clutch" that spread the pulley apart, allowing the
v-belt to slip.

I know there was at least one variety of lawnmower base, a snowblower
base, and I think some sort of cultivator device as well. I'm not sure
if they ever had a generator, but it would have been a simple matter.

It was never a big hit, probably because like so many
jacks-of-all-trades, it was the master of none. By today's standards,
it was also a pretty unsafe design.

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