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Re: Bell System Competition: Private Telephone Networks

Jim Haynes (
Fri, 22 Oct 2004 16:59:21 GMT

Blurring the picture even further, there were big companies that had
their own telephone systems, but using lines leased from Bell and
connecting with the Bell public system. When I worked for G.E. circa
1967 there was such a system -- I don't remember now what the name of
it was -- where we could dial a certain prefix and then dial most other
G.E. locations without going through the public switched network.

Big companies also had their own teletypewriter networks, usually with
lines, equipment and maintenance furnished by Bell or W.U. on a lease
basis. The airlines had these, and in addition the ability to
exchange messages with other airlines. That was a big thing in the
days of regulated air transportation when a trip from here to there
often required flying on two or more airlines.

I remember too that big department stores had their own internal
telephone systems with equipment from independent telephone suppliers.
Only a few employees were considered to need phones for both the
internal and external phone networks.

jhhaynes at earthlink dot net

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