There is a limit of one meg per file, which could result in the very old (and very large) back.issues files not being totally indexed. The spider runs a few times each week, so the most recent stuff may not have made it in the index yet.

Boolean can be used with + and - signs. For instance, if you type in:

+patrick +townson -neil

Both "patrick" and "townson" MUST be present, and "neil" must NOT be present.
Phrases can be used as well:

"townson patrick"

The matches must be in that order, so "patrick townson" would NOT be found.

Wildcards can be used:


That would match "patrick", "patty", and "Patton".

When a link is given to a very large file, if the thing you are seeking is not obvious when the 'page' is loaded, then use your browser's 'find' command to search through the 'page' (which is actually one of the large archives files).

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